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Founded in 1980, Elwood Staffing® is a leading provider of talent-based solutions. With offices that span the United States, a broad service portfolio, and a seasoned staff, we support companies through the entire employment life cycle—from attraction to retention.  



Elwood believes that by matching the right person with the right company at the right time, great things happen. Businesses prosper. Friends and neighbors succeed. Communities grow. We source millions of candidates, make millions of placements, and serve thousands of clients. This gives us valuable insight into employer and job seeker needs and wants, which we use to develop tools and resources that help employers make better business decisions and job seekers better navigate the employment experience.


Whether you're looking to find your next great employee, make your next career move, or help a friend find a new job, you can trust that Elwood puts its passion and expertise into pursuing the perfect match. 


To learn more about Elwood Staffing and how we can help you, please visit

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